Kenneth Cotlar Artist Statement

  My paintings are process driven works created on various surfaces, masonite, plexiglass, aluminum, or heavy raw duck canvas using acrylic, latex and oil paints.
  My methodology involves readying myself by means of Transcendental Meditation(relaxing and clearing the mind of preconceived images), and then executing a random mark, stroke, swath or pool of paint, and then each subsequent stroke is suggested from the previous. The concept is to get the painting to paint itself.
  The process and the resulting image then, is what the painting is about. I consciously try not to impose myself on the painting, yet become part of the natural random progression of the art. The images are mostly unconscious or intuitive and are intentionally non-representational. The balances and interactions of the color, shapes and line are what interest me, and the semi-attempted control over the random factors of the painting techniques.